And they are off!

It’s time!

If you signed up for the third annual Valentine swap, you will have received an email from me with your swap partners information last night. If you don’t see it, check your junk mail just in case. If you still don’t see it, send me a direct email.

This year nearly 400 people are participating! Swappers come from 12 different countries and just about every state in the union. Even a few of my friends and relations signed up to swap (so if anyone gets a weird Valentine made from old soup labels or guitar strings, there is a 90% chance it’s from someone I know). 

PS: Be sure to take some pictures of your Valentines and send to me. Or better yet, share them on my facebook wall so everyone can see what you are sending and receiving!

PPS: Want to swap cards with me?  Send me a Valentine by Feb 14 and I will send you a St. Patrick’s Day card in return sometime in early March. Didn’t you always want a St. Patrick’s day card? Yeah you did. Send to:

Aunt Peaches
332 S. Michigan Ave
Ste 1032 #A987
Chicago, IL 60604-4434

Be sure to CLEARLY print your name and return address on the envelope.

Happy Valentines!


  1. PeachesFreund says

    I have a whole box of those arms. Actually, half of a box. Six or so ended up on valentines, another 30 or so ended up on cupcakes. Now THAT was creepy. A baby shower with abuncha baby arms reaching out of the frosting. So elegant!

  2. ThriftDee says

    I swear on all that is holy…the baby arms on that valentine card will haunt my nightmares for weeks Peaches. (Except now I want to send one to my cousin because I know she would scream out loud. Maybe I couldl get one of her kids to videotape it??) This is what you turn me into!!

  3. Nancy Sapp says

    Aunt Peaches – V’Day Card on way soon!! Question – is there anything we can make out of the circle thing that you take off a gallon milk jug?? My Mom used to crochet around them in green yarn to make the cutest wreaths for Christmas!! I can’t crochet. Any other ideas??

  4. PeachesFreund says

    Hmmmmm…that is a good question. I will think about that one!

  5. miznelliebellie says

    too fun!!! I missed the sign-up but am looking forward to the photos. And that card…so great!

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