Sequins and Misker Puffs

A few folks asked about the sequin pillow featured in this photo from a few weeks ago, and I’m so glad you did! It’s one of my favorite things 🙂

The pillow is made from an old sequin tube skirt that my cousins picked up in a thrift store in New Orleans and gave to me for my 16th birthday. Judging by the style, cut, age of the sequins (they are like a super fine metal?), lack of tag or lining, I believe it was initially made as a Mardi Gras costume in the 1930’s or early 40’s. The matching top — a sleeveless, blousy sort of tank top with pearl trim — was sadly lost to a former roommate after an epic battle of Hungry-Hungry Hippos. At one point, in a monumental outburst of teenage flair, I wore the outfit together on top of my conservative school clothes, topped with a tiara and finished off silver orthopedic shoes from the local nursing home’s lobby-side charity shop. Holy crap did I know how to dress.

Few years ago I gave up on ever fitting my butt into a size 6 ever again, so I grabbed a slice of pie and my sewing kit, stitched up the sides, stuffed it with goose down, and in 20 minutes I had myself a majorly snazzy pillow. And I didn’t even get any pie on it!

Years have gone by and it has held up nicely. These days it sits in my living room, rarely seen without Lola in close proximity. Man, does that cat love her some sequins. Out of all the cats I could have brought home from the Treehouse shelter that day, it is no coincidence that I came home with the one that loves to rub her face on anything spangled, sparkled and sequined. If you come over to my house wearing a bedazzled sweater, 1. You are awesome and 2. Expect Lola pounce on your lap and start rubbing her misker puffs all over your chest. 

*Old School Breakdown for the Non Crazy Cat Ladies; Misker Puffs: The areas on either side of a cat’s nose scattered with whiskers and fur, most prominent when yawning or being cute in general. Which is always. 

Lola likes to sleep next to it in the yellow arm chair, and after a while the down feathers and old metal sequins really start to heat up….it’s only a matter of time until she wakes up from a nap and starts rubbing her face all over it, sometimes going so far as to bury her whole head inside and punch her paws back and forth like she is making biscuits.


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    Having cats by your own don’t make you resistant to other cats… their beauty, cuteness, -add a lot of other stuff-

    In the opposite.. they trained you to be really sensitive to all thing feline!

    So my instant reaction by seeing Lola and HER beloved pillow was an adoring: Oh my…! 🙂

    (thereby forgetting my own fights for handmade pillows with my three little devils… needless to say who wins this fights…)

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    Pillow from a sequined tube top – fabulosity! Misker puffs of Lola – cutest misker puffs evah! I love these pics of your crazy silly kitty.

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    Best part of this story: You with your tiara, orthopedic shoes, conservative school clothes layered with the sequins!!! And I bet you more than pulled it off too. TOTALLY reminds me of my second child who could wear mesh onion sacks and still look amazing!

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    “Holy crap did I know how to dress.”
    You defintely did.
    I love it.

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    Bahaha you are my favorite. Cats and sequins TOGETHER? I’m going to go play in traffic so that I can die happy.

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    LOVE your stories!!!

    I did a similar thing with two of my skirts which I would never wear again, but which of course, have great memories. I could have put them away in my box of old things I will never wear again but don’t want to throw away – but no, I made a pillow out of them! So, I have an angel pillow, made out of two different colors and materials. Fairly cute, if I say so. Lola might not like it – no sequins.

    Best part – my mother-in-law helped me sew it since I’m more a paper girl, not a material girl. Sweet, huh??

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    I’ve been lurking for a few weeks, but I love your blog.

    In our house they are “fuzzy muzzle-puffs”.

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    “…I gave up on ever fitting my butt into a size 6 ever again, so I grabbed a slice of pie and my sewing kit, stitched up the sides, stuffed it with goose down, and in 20 minutes I had myself a majorly snazzy pillow. And I didn’t even get any pie on it!”

    I think I love you.

    Now I will be picking up all things sparkly from the thrift store for pillow making. Yes!

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    hilarious with you kitty:)
    Must confess even though I read the whole post I can only think of the kitty! – Yes I am indeed a crazy cat lady as well;)


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