Easter Fun with Lola and Nine DIYs

Happy Easter to all! I’m off to join some friends for church and brunch, followed by dinner with more. I have been promised tremendous amounts of ham. And chocolate. The good news is Lola had fun discovering her Easter basket this morning. Not as much fun as she had finding it yesterday. Hope everyone is enjoying […]

Egg Shell Bud Vases

My house has been Easter egg central for the last month, which I lurvvvvve, but it has made it difficult for me to draw the line between craft material and food. There are plenty of things you can do with a hardboiled egg or a the guts of a hollowed out egg, but sometimes you just […]

Grassy Green Egg Cups

Every year I try to find new and interesting ways to display Easter eggs. My favorite will always be the old Paskris tree, but there is something to be said for a humble hard-boiled egg that deserves a place of honor. Not that I don’t love a colorful jumble of eggs in a basket, but […]

DIY Paskris Easter Tree

There are a lot of old world traditions in Europe that never took off in America; castles, soccer, the metric system, public healthcare. Five years ago nobody in Arizona knew what Nutella was and now they smear it on burritos. Because that is what we do best, America, we take old timey European favorites and Pump […]

Happy Easter

Not gonna lie, it’s been a rough week. If there was ever time to be thankful for a holiday weekend riddled with candy and furry things…this would be it. The good news is Spring is here, the magnolias are peeping their heads, and decapitating that chocolate bunny with my teeth felt damn good.  On my […]

Unicorn Yarn Eggs in Under a Minute

A couple Sundays ago, Heidi came over for an afternoon craft session. There was yarn. There was glue. There was fun. Ahem. Lola would like you to know that she helped too. The resulting yarntastic egg wonder is up on I Love to Create’s blog, where I’ll be posting tutorials once a month. Wahoo! This […]

No Mess Easter Grass

So, I was talking to my friend Amy week about what she was putting in her kiddo’s Easters baskets. She says this and that and a whiz-bang-whatsit…and then she drops a bomb: No Easter Grass. Amy runs a no Easter grass household. Amy is a neatknick. Nobody gets to wear shoes in her house and […]