Confetti Snow Globe Business Cards

You like my business cards? The issue of business cards has come up several times in the past few months. And by several times I mean twice. But saying several makes me sound much more in demand. The minimum print quantity for business cards (500) would be ridiculous, and since handmade business cards are quite […]

Friday Flowers: Centerpieces for $3 in 5 Minutes

When I started posting about these coffee filter flowers, I got a lot of questions and feedback from brides-to-be looking for alternative centerpieces. Thanks to all y’all who reached out and showed interest –you made my day many times over 🙂 Ladies: this one is for you! It’s also for everyone looking to make some […]

Friday Flowers: Coffee Filter Bouquet

One day I’m going to write a post called 100 Unusual Ways to use Coffee Filters. They are absurdly useful. The fiber quality on these suckers is so amazing it’s hard to believe they are Dirt Cheap. And I just love making flowers because, besides being beautiful, this is one of those projects where messiness […]