14 March 2012

Easter Highlights

A lot of new folks have come by Ye Olde Blog in the last two weeks looking for Easter projects, and since my site isn't always the easiest to search, I thought I would compile some of my favorite posts from last Spring in one spot (just click on the photo caption and it will take you to the full tutorial).

I would post new Easter projects this week but  it's bad juju to break out the Easter hoopla before St. Patrick's day has past.  Yes I said bad juju. Well Established Fact: I am freakishly superstitious. And leprechauns --being dwarfed and drunken symbols of luck and all that-- freak me out. Don't even ask. It's just best for all parties if I keep the bunnies and the Irish business separate. Easter fun to come next week. Pinky swear.

Blooming Easter Baskets (made from coffee filters and plastic bowls)

The World's Foofiest Easter Wreath (made from coffee filters, staples and cupcake liners)

Cupcake Flower Easter Basket (made from cupcake flowers below)

Cupcake Flowers V1 (you will want these for making the basket above)
Cupcake Flowers V2 (made from cupcake liners or coffee filters and a silk flower stem)
Paper Mache Bunny Vase (made from a jar of animal crackers)

Ruffled Chicken (made from a cereal box and kid's hand prints)

Wallpaper Eggs (made from onion skins and pantyhose)

Spangled Up Eggs (made from tissue paper and parsley)


  1. Peaches, I think it should be a well-known fact that we freakishly superstitious people are merely... cautious. and often flat out right. keep it up! who knows what kind of bad juju you're keeping away by following 'superstitions' (though I think 'preemptive rituals' is a better term?)!

  2. Aunt Peaches we are with you and tracylee! We don't want to risk any visits by an ugly little troll, no siree bob! And don't forget to lay low today!


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