Dear Tulips

Dear Tulips, You look very sad when you bend over like that. It’s a shame your heads have to fall off. One time I found a napkin on the subway that read “I wish I were singing right now.” Sounds silly, perhaps, but since then, when I see people on the subway, I wonder, “Which […]

Who wants some stash?

Snapshot of Heather’s box. A couple weeks ago, I lucked out and received a box of arts/crafts goodies from Heather at Dollar Store Crafts. Then Lola decapitated one of the items inside and I have been on the hunt for headless crow crafts ever since. I can only imagine these items came from Heather’s cupboards, […]

From the Archives: Onion Skin Eggs

The expiration date on the carton indicates they are from Spring of 2002. Whoa Nelly, them some old eggs!   I told you, I have a lot of old eggs laying around. Just wait till I excavate from under the bed. Last time I went under there I surfaced with two of the billy goats gruff. […]

Welcome Home Matt!

A little more than three years ago, on a typical Tuesday afternoon, my friend and colleague Matt Kelly stopped in my office for our usual round of candy, gossip and youtubing 90 second scenes from R. Kelly’s critical masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet.   Only this time was different. Silent, he sat there in the chair […]

Paper Mache Collides with an Animal Cracker Addiction

The eggs are finally up. I know, right, it took me long enough, but considering my new found inferiority complex concerning eccentric German men and their holiday traditions, it’s an Easter miracle I put up an egg tree at all this year. And here is the thing: this isn’t even half the collection. There are […]

Guess Who’s Coming to Passover

Passover is more than a holiday laden with family, food, and wine; it’s a time for all of us to gather around the Seder table and remember those who struggled to survive, those who have past, and those who are still waiting for a Passover of their own. It’s a celebration. An enduring symbol of […]

Cher and the Ruffled Chicken

Chickens are in. I went out shopping for a baby shower gift the other day and found myself surrounded by chickens. Not bears. Not Elmo. Not Barney the purple dinosaur. Chickens. Has anyone else noticed how certain animals come in cycles of popularity? These days, chickens are everywhere. So are owls. Maybe chickens are the […]

Welcome, Magnolia.

Do you know how long I have been waiting for the Magnolia tree outside my front window? Eleven months. That’s a Long Ass Time for a little bitty thing like a flowering tree. Winter has been especially cruel. I was starting to think she would never come at all, yet here she is, beautiful as […]